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LLE10187 : Ubuntu - gdesklets




You can run litte programs on your desktop (like the Windows widgets).


With gDesklets you can install miscellaneous little programs (e.g. the news, the weatherforecast) just like widgets in Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS.

First you have to install the packets "gdesklets" and "gdeskletsdata". This is easy done with the Synaptic packetmanager. Now you can start and configure the desklets you want to run on your desktop. To position the desklets on your desktop only drag and drop them to the place you wish them to be.

If you use the combination <shift>-<F12> you can activate or deactive an "hide"-modus. If you press <shift>-<F12> the first time, all desklets are draw to the foreground. If you press <shift>-<F12> again, the desklets are put in thee background and all other windows are draw to the foreground.


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