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LLE10170 : Howto connect to a new HP Procurve switch


You received a new HP Procurve 1800-24g and want to configure it




Your switch has a default IP Address which certainly does not belong in your network. When you want to configure it, you need to change the ip address of one of your computers to connect to it first.
Before changing any ip, you should take a look at the LED's to make shure the self test has completed successfully. This means, the Power led remains on, the speed led remains on indicating the default led mode and the port leds on the front go into their nomal operational mode.
Now you can connect a cable (RJ45) to the switch and into your computer. Your computer should show some connectivity on the led of the network adapter. (or on the screen for windows, in the syslog for linux)
The factory default ip address is and the subnet Now you change your ip of the computer to (the last digit can range from 1 till 254) and type in the following url Http:// in your browser. The default password is empty!
Now you can configure your procurve.


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