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LLE10149 : Howto install a package into an unbootable system


You have booted from a CD and need to install a package on the unbootable system




Boot into Linux using a Debian rescue floppy/CD or an alternative partition in a multiboot Linux system. Mount the unbootable system on /mysystem and use the chroot install mode of dpkg.

     # dpkg --root /mysystem -i packagefile.deb

Now you can try to configure and fix problems.

By the way, if a broken lilo is all that prevents booting, you can boot using a standard Debian rescue disk. At boot prompt, assuming the root partition of your Linux installation is in /dev/hda1 and you want runlevel 3, enter:

     boot: rescue root=/dev/hda1 3

Then you are booted into an almost fully functional system with the kernel on floppy disk. (There may be minor glitches due to lack of kernel features or modules.)


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